Albury has a remarkable 4,500 operating businesses with another 3,000 in neighbouring Wodonga so there is no shortage of employment or career opportunities.

From manufacturing and construction to retail, health and education – whatever you desire, Albury can meet your needs!

Use the online Evojobs system to search for career and employment opportunities in Albury.  Employment categories include health, government, retail and education.


A rapidly growing regional city, Albury has a thriving construction industry meeting the residential and commercial needs of the residents. Employment opportunities also exist across new and existing areas from education (at all levels) and health care, to retail and government.



A vibrant and diverse city, Albury’s larger population tops 180,000. As a result, education facilities are of paramount importance. There are a host of employment opportunities from child-care and pre-school, through to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.


Albury enjoys a thriving retail scene. There are national retailers, boutique and specialty shopping and a wide range of malls and storefronts. This scope and diversity offers many employment opportunities across this vibrant and growing area.


Albury has extensive health care facilities and allied services. Across two major hospitals alone there are more than 200 doctors in residence. As a result, there are growing employment opportunities from nursing and emergency care, to pathology and patient transport. Come and make your health mark in Albury.


Many major government departments now call Albury home. Offering a huge range of employment options from administration to executive – there is an opportunity to create a real career in government based services.