In addition to its proximity to Sydney and having a young, vibrant and active culture, Bathurst is home to some fantastic employment opportunities. Offering careers across education, health, government and construction, Bathurst is simply buzzing with possibilities. Come and see for yourself!

Use the online Evojobs system to search for career and employment opportunities in Bathurst.  Employment categories include health, government, education and construction.


Bathurst has solid employment, career progression and business opportunities for individuals and families looking to take the next step, pursue an employment change or start their own business. Key opportunities can be found in education, health, government departments, construction and retail to name a few.

Education accounts for more than 12% of all Bathurst’s employment. From child-care to tertiary institutions such as Charles Sturt University - opportunities abound. Health is also a key category with professional and allied health opportunities across the city and region. As the city continues to thrive, there will be growing career choices.



As the city’s biggest employer, education offers fantastic career opportunities. There are more than 55 education providers delivering high-quality learning in all areas and for all ages. Bathurst is home to Charles Sturt University (CSU) – one of Australia’s leading regional tertiary institution, as well as multiple childcare, pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary facilities. Come and see what Bathurst to offer!


Bathurst is proudly home to local and NSW State Government departments. NSW Fair Trading, NSW Land and Property Information and NSW Education and Communities are just a few key institutions that offer broad and engaging career opportunities. On the local front, Bathurst Regional Council and Bathurst Regional Health Service also offer a wide-range of secure employment options.


Bathurst is well-serviced by a wide range of professional and allied health facilities and services. This also means it’s one its biggest employers.  A brand new hospital with state-of-the-art surgical facilities is now in operation as well as city-wide specialist services from obstetrics and radiology to physiotherapy and aged-care. If you love working in the health industry, come and see us!


If you work in construction, we want you!  Bathurst is booming and that means booming building across the city! Whether residential or commercial, countless projects are underway and the city needs quality tradespeople. Come and talk to us and let’s build Bathurst together.