Dubbo is a city of surprisingly diverse employment opportunities. Whether you are a teacher, engineer, health-service worker or have entrepreneurial spirit, Dubbo is the place for you. There are 6 major shopping centres, 20 schools, 4 tertiary campuses and an amazing 120 eateries all offering employment opportunities.

Use the online Evojobs system to search for career and employment opportunities in Dubbo.  Employment categories include health, retail, education and construction.


Where to begin! Dubbo boasts employment opportunities across engineering and planning, education and training, health-services, professional medical (doctors, dentists and nurses), social services, manufacturing and construction. There are also great opportunities in retail, construction, mining services, manufacturing, transport and logistics and warehousing!

There are an amazing 3,700 business operating in the Dubbo region. Key employment categories include healthcare and social assistance as well as extensive retail, manufacturing, building and transport. Across education, there are also opportunities with 24 institutions from childcare to tertiary and trade.



With 24 educational facilities to choose from, employment opportunities in education abound in Dubbo. There are of 4 tertiary institutions, 3 public secondary schools, 3 private secondary schools, 9 public primary schools and 6 private primary schools!  If you are a teacher or work in education services, Dubbo is a great choice to enhance your career.


In a city with 6 major shopping centres and a host of traditional and boutique shopfronts, Dubbo is retail paradise. With the assurance of employment with national retailers or well-known brand outlets, retail is thriving in Dubbo and as it grows, so do the employment opportunities.


Dubbo’s healthcare services are among the most extensive in any Australian regional city. The result of a growing and diversifying community, employment opportunities in both health and allied health services are increasing at an exponential rate. So if you love working in the healthcare industry, Dubbo is your ‘go to location.’


If you build it, they will come! This has come true with the rapid expansion of Dubbo. To support this growth in both residential and commercial projects, construction has become has become a key employer for the region. So if you have the skills, put on the tool belt and come and see us!