The Evocities are NSW’s largest Regional cities and the economic centre of their Regions. Boasting robust, diverse and growing local economies, the Evocities offer a wide variety of employment opportunities across all industries including health, education, construction, retail, manufacturing, government and more.


Albury has a remarkable 4,500 operating businesses with another 3,000 in neighbouring Wodonga so there is no shortage of employment or career opportunities.

From manufacturing and construction to retail, health and education – whatever you desire, Albury can meet your needs!


Armidale is known for its diversity of employment and was recently ranked in the top 21 Intelligent Communities of the World. Home to the University of New England (UNE) and other high-quality educational institutions from child-care and pre-school to secondary and tertiary – there is a huge range of employment opportunities in education as well retail, government and construction.


In addition to its proximity to Sydney and having a young, vibrant and active culture, Bathurst is home to some fantastic employment opportunities. Offering careers across education, health, government and construction, Bathurst is simply buzzing with possibilities. Come and see for yourself!


Dubbo is a city of surprisingly diverse employment opportunities. Whether you are a teacher, engineer, health-service worker or have entrepreneurial spirit, Dubbo is the place for you. There are 6 major shopping centres, 20 schools, 4 tertiary campuses and an amazing 120 eateries all offering employment opportunities.


Orange is a major provincial centre only 3.5 hours’ drive from Sydney.

It offers an incredibly diverse range of employment and career opportunities from health, aged-care and education, to construction, structural and mechanical engineering.


In addition to being known globally for its country music festival, Tamworth also has a thriving commercial heart offering wide-ranging employment opportunities. Healthcare, education, construction and retail are all buoyant industries and ensure a sound employment base in this prosperous regional city.


Wagga Wagga offers excellent opportunities in many areas including defence, health, engineering, and construction.

A thriving and growing community, Wagga Wagga has a diverse economy so doesn’t rely solely on one or two industries. This means greater employment opportunities and a resilience to industry downturns.