Wagga Wagga offers excellent opportunities in many areas including defence, health, engineering, and construction.

A thriving and growing community, Wagga Wagga has a diverse economy so doesn’t rely solely on one or two industries. This means greater employment opportunities and a resilience to industry downturns.

Use the online Evojobs system to search for career and employment opportunities in City of Wagga Wagga.  Employment categories include health and allied services, defence, education and construction.


‘Broad’ and ‘diverse’ are words that best describe Wagga Wagga’s employment opportunities. Including defence, health, engineering, construction, public sector, hospitality, manufacturing, agriculture, food production and education – there are also emerging industries such as environmental sustainability.

Wagga Wagga enjoys wide ranging employment categories. Key areas include health and allied services, defence, education and construction. Each of these areas is directly related to the growing nature of the city and the continued diversity it strives to achieve.



Wagga Wagga’s rapidly expanding population has created increasing employment opportunities in the education sector. From child-care and pre-school needs to tertiary and trade – Wagga Wagga has full spectrum of education facilities that provide on-going, long-term employment opportunities.


Growth means construction and Wagga Wagga has both. Whether residential homes to satisfy the ever-increasing housing demand, or building new educational and health facilities, Wagga Wagga’s construction industry is booming. If you have construction skills, Wagga Wagga wants you!


Wagga Wagga’s recent health service redevelopment is the largest single investment in any NSW regional health service. This has created substantial and on-going employment opportunities across an array of health related areas. From mental health to aged care – health services in Wagga Wagga continue to expand and diversify.


Considered one of Australia’s major defence force establishments, Wagga Wagga is home to the Kapooka Army Recruit Training Base and the Royal Australian Air Force Base. For more than 70 years these facilities have been a major employment provider across a huge range of areas from education to catering.